The Reward

Pinot Noir is one of the world’s most celebrated grapes for good reason. When it’s grown and handled correctly, it produces wines that are profound and delicious. Pinot Noir’s signature is a wildly complex alchemy of fruit, botanicals, and earth.

The Elements

The fruit elements of Pinot Noir include red fruits, such as raspberry and cherry, and black fruit, such as blackberry and blueberry. Botanical essences can feature dried herbs, spices, forest floor, leather, and mushrooms. Earth components blend in mineral, stone, and soil flavors.

Most luxury New World Pinot Noir wines are weighted heavily toward the berry end of the spectrum. Many California Pinots are described as ‘fruit bombs,’ thanks to their jammy, overripe profiles. We strive for parity between Pinot’s three classic components: spicy, black fruit notes balanced with earth and botanicals.

The Winemaking

Achieving this balance is a monumental challenge in our intimidating mountain environment. That is, until you tend each vine individually. Harvest by hand. Crush by foot. Ferment with native yeast. And apply technology to precisely monitor aging. Our growing and winemaking procedures deliver wines that will continue to improve a decade after their fruit bomb companions have faded away.

If you’ve tasted our Pinot Noirs, you’ve tasted one of the ultimate expressions of the world’s greatest varietal. If you haven’t, you should.