Our People

David Goldfarb is an art form. It takes years of living close to the vines to understand how they respond to the climate surprises—frost, El Niño rains, or heat—that each year brings. For nearly two decades, our wine-growing teams have cared for our rugged mountain vineyards with pride of ownership, patience, and insight born from years of experience. Their intimate knowledge of how to prune, position, and balance the elements needed to produce our premium Pinot Noir wines is unparalleled.

Our Teams

Our vineyard supervisor, Julio Calvo, provides the leadership and careful guidance for a team of 24 people overseeing all of our vineyards. Julio arrived at Clos de la Tech in 2006. His commitment to the fruit his teams grow and his love of the land are reflected in our wines. Once harvest begins, he and his teams man the sorting table to ensure that each cluster is perfect prior to crush.

Abel Fuentes, assistant winemaker, arrived at Clos de la Tech shortly after it began. Since then, Abel has done it all—weeding, planting, installing trellis, and much more. He has contributed heavily to our winemaking. His team has flawlessly incorporated TJ’s technology into traditional winemaking processes with outstanding results. Extremely meticulous, Abel shares our commitment to excellence in producing world-class Pinot Noir wines.

David Golfarb is our winegrower. Born and raised in Los Gatos, CA, David became fascinated by fermentation science and viticulture as a teen. He worked at multiple local vineyards and went on to study enology and viticulture at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. During college, David studied abroad in France, Italy, and Switzerland. His undergraduate work led to a masters’ degree research project on the quantification, capture, and re-use of aromas lost with CO2 during alcoholic fermentation. David works closely in union with Julio and Abel’s team to produce our mountain fruit.

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