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Cypress Semiconductor's Tech Spotlight Shines on Clos de la Tech

Posted by CM Support
Apr 4, 2013 | Keywords: Pinot Noir  PSoC  technology  wine  

The Cypress Semiconductor “Tech Spotlight” YouTube video series debuted with a series on our Clos de la Tech winery. It provides a good kick-off to the Tech Spotlight series, showcasing Cypress’s PSoC (Programmable System-on-Chip) technology in action.

In the video — the first of four about the winery — I explain how Valeta and I began growing grapes at our home and learned to make wine, and how we combine old-world winemaking techniques of Burgundy in the 1830s with high-tech analysis that Cypress’s technology makes possible.

We hope you’ll enjoy this information-packed video. Like it, share it, and tune in for the next three installments!

—T.J. Rodgers

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