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Clos de la Tech's Oshkosh Connection

Posted by Catherine Nguyen
May 24, 2019 | Keywords: oshkosh  steakhouse  TJ Rodgers  wisconsin  


At some point in our lives we all must look in the mirror and ask ourselves, “Where can I get a great steak in Oshkosh?” While there are many paths and many obstacles, there is only one destination: TJ’s Highland Steakhouse in the historic Oshkosh Country Club near the sculpted shores of Lake Winnebago.

It turns out our very own TJ was born and raised in Oshkosh and has maintained his cheese head bona fides throughout his life. A few years back we acquired the Oshkosh Country Club and launched a revitalization project to recapture the former glory of this historic property.

TJ’s Highland Steakhouse

The culinary centerpiece of the Oshkosh Country Club is TJ’s Highland Steakhouse. The traditional hunting lodge setting is appointed with tartan cloths imported from Scotland, local hickory wainscoting, luxurious seating and dynamic lighting. It offers a world-class dining experience featuring the country’s finest USDA Prime Dry-Aged beef (average 30 days of aging) and Wagyu steaks broiled to perfection at 1500F by celebrated New York City chef, Michael England.

Chef’s Quote

“We set out to make TJ’s Highland Steakhouse a destination for food and wine lovers in Oshkosh and the surrounding areas. We built a state-of-the-art kitchen and sourced the finest dry-aged beef in America. We sought out wines from top producers in California, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Washington, Oregon, New Zealand, Germany, Alsace and Italy and assembled a collection of fine and rare whiskeys from Scotland, Kentucky, Utah, Illinois, Japan, India and Ireland. Our goal is to be one of the best steakhouses in America.”


We invite you to visit TJ’s Highland Steakhouse the next time you are in Oshkosh or the surrounding Fox Valley area. It is located at the historic Oshkosh Country Club at 11 W. Ripple Avenue, Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Dinner hours are 4:00PM to 10:00PM Tuesday through Saturday. During the summer months the restaurant will be open for lunch from 11-3pm. Please call (920) 231-1076 or go to www.tjshighlandsteakhouse.com for more information.

In addition to the steakhouse and Country Club, we are also the proprietors of nearby TJ's Harbor Restaurant and TJ’s Destination Oshkosh, a collection of charming rental homes located on Lake Winnebago.

Cheers, TJ and Valeta!

Interesting Beef Stories

DRY-AGED BEEF - The dry-aging process exposes beef to air in a controlled environment for an extended period. This helps break down fat and muscle fibers and dissipate moisture. The best cuts for dry-aging are naturally marbled and traditionally thick-cut. At TJ’s Highland Steakhouse our Ribeye and New York steaks are dry-aged. They are intensely flavorful and sublimely tender.

WAGYU BEEF - Wagyu is a Japanese breed of cow prized for its superior marbling, luxurious texture and delicate buttery finish. The origins of the Wagyu breed are said to date back nearly 3500 years.